Christopher “Poet” Hutcherson was born into a strong, Christian home in the small town of Geneva, AL. He discovered an exceptional aptitude for rhyming and word-play at the young age of 8. 
Fortunately, his parents recognized this rare talent and actively encouraged Chris to continue developing his writing and lyrical skills. His limited exposure to secular music also ensured that his early verses were centered on God. 
Throughout his adolescence, Chris used his poetry to cope with complex feelings of rejection and low self-worth. In the late 1990s, Chris was introduced to hip-hop culture and began listening to various, well-known rap artists. 
His love for the music pushed him into secretly changing the lines of popular hip-hop songs into lyrics praising Jesus! Chris began living a double life, penning Christian rap songs for his family while secretly creating secular pieces for his friends. 
In 2004, at the age of 21, Chris completely surrendered his life to Christ, vowing to use his God-given musical abilities and charisma as a method in presenting the gospel. 
Entitled "Poetry in Motion," Chris began writing, recording, and performing gospel rap music, maintaining a focus of reaching the lost for Christ. His anthem in this calling became “I don’t do this for shows, I do this for souls.” 

Heaven Open Up Official Music Video

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